Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am thankful for...

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner I thought I would write a bit about what I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband to be! He is always there to make me smile when I'm down and to also share all the wonderful moments in life with me. He is my bestfriend and my soulmate. I am thankful for the roof he puts over our head and the food in our bellies.
Sean and I

I am thankful for our wonderful little family! We have a 1 year old sheltie whose name is Hurley-Turd! He is like our child. He makes out little family complete :) He is such a funny little guy who is always so excited to see you.
Me and Hurley

I am thankful for my mom and dad who have always been there for me. They have been there to catch me when I fall and give me the guidance in life I didn't know or think that I needed. Even though they might not always think so I do listen.
Mom and Dad - Compliments of Heather Legere Photograthy

I am thankful for my little sister who I may sometimes fight with but who I also love very much. She has always been a ear to listen when I need to talk and someone to laugh with or laugh at hahaha.
I am thankful for the most handsome nephew that she gave me, and I am thankful that she allows me to be such a huge part of his life even when 5000kms are between us.
I am thankful for all the love I felt the first time I seen him, and all the happiness he brings me! Every time I see his little face it brings a smile on mine.
Mom, Kristy, Me and Chase

I am thankful for my grampy who always took the time to teach me everything he could and always makes me laugh. I am thankful for the doctors who have helped him with his long battle with cancer! I am thankful that my grampy has taught me to be a fighter, even when the odds are against you it doesn't mean it can keep you down.
I am thankful for my Nana who has the world's biggest heart and would never say a bad word about anyone. She has taught me to always be kind to others. I am also thankful that she has shown me how to be such a strong woman emotionally!
I am thankful for
Nana and Gramp
I am thankful for my mother and father in law to be for excepting me as apart of there family, and loving me like there own daughter. They are a great support system and always try to help us make the right decisions.
My In-Laws
I am thankful for my crazy family (on both sides haha) and awesome friends! You all know who you are! With out all of these people I would not be the person I am today and for that I am thankful!
We don't always say it enough but I love you all, and am very thankful you are apart of my life!


  1. DANG IT!!! It's too early in the morning for making me cry...I barely got through the first thankful before bawling

  2. Aww, I need to write mine out haven't done it yet but will be later today :)

    Loves ya!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!