Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend projects

And the home projects continue.... 
This is the dining room/hallway when we had the home inspection.

This is the spare room the day we had the home inspection. Check out the nice crap brown stinky gross carpet. LOL

Now that you have an idea of what we started with I will tell you about out weekend hahaha.
Friday after Sean got home from work we decided we were going to get things going. We needed a list, a empty car, and some energy. We started that by stopping off at Mac's for a energy drink hahaha. 

We decided one project we wanted to get done over the weekend was to get the chair rail back up. 
We had to replace it because when we ripped up the floor in the dining room we had to take down our other stuff causing it to crack and break. No biggie I thought! 
This time I'm not being so cheap and I'm going to buy the pre-primed mdf sheets of it! Wouldn't that seem like a great idea to you? Wellll it wasn't! I put down the proper trim stuck a piece in to nail it and guess what.... it was actually 1.5 ft shorter then the other stuff that I had up there, and because the last time I put it up I tried to cut a corner and not take down the wall paper underneath it is now bitting me in the bum! 
We removed the trim we just nailed up and had to come up with a plan because really this chair rail would only look good in a midget's house. 
Off to Home Depot we go... make the 45 min trip in and of course I have to look at everything in the lighting section on sale and everything in the flooring section and of course my fav mistinted paints. By the time we make it to the lumber we have wasted an hour. 
I look and ponder thinking what are we going to do. How am I going to bring this up at least 6 inches.... then I spot it! A nice piece of 1x6! I was so happy!!!! And they were only 6.00 each and I only needed 2 so score!!!
We get it home and now it is 8:00 we stopped at a pizza joint for supper thinking we were being smart, no! We arrive home both full, tired, and cranky so you can imagine we are quite the pair and in no state to be trying to work together. Well not if we wanted someone to come out alive anyway! We ran out grabbed a movie and wrote Friday night off. We figured we would be good and rested to get a early start on Saturday.

Guess what we were wrong again. We slept in until 9:00 and I drempt about things we could do... So guess what... Back to Home Depot we go! ahhahahah.
This time I'm on a mission for some new doors that I seen the day before. They were on sale for $30.00/each! Why wouldn't I want them. I had checked before we left for stock at the store we were going to but to my surprise the computer lied they didn't have the size we needed so we then had to drive into the city... only tacking on another 30 min to our "quick" trip in.
Ok we have the doors, we have new handles, we have new hinges... Let's rock n roll!!! Get the doors to the car annnnnnddddd.... They are about 4 inches too long to fit in with the trunk closed which is fine we figured that much but we didn't have any string. As I start my walk back to the store  to buy some rope I realize I am wearing a sweater.... I ripped the string out of it and tied the trunk down hahaha no waiting in a mad line for me! 
We had to get the doors painted which was fine because it was beautiful out and only 4:00 at this time. Paint is going on the doors, paint is going on the 1x6 and I'm hopeful we might get something done!
Sean painting :)

Since we have no bathroom door because I took them all off in excitement that was the first one I wanted to get done. 
After some hard thought, elbow grease, and not so nice words we get the door hung. Now the door won't close because it is a bit to wide and we don't have a planer. So, that is all again for the night we are once again stuck hahaha 

I wasn't lying hahaha there really is a door hanging!

So, today was yet another trip to Home Depot, only this time we went to Canadian Tire first because I had to have this tool out called the crafter or something. It's made by mastercraft and looked soo handy. Got that, a quick trip to the dollar store of course, and home depot for the planer. 
While we were there I checked out the mis tints again and totally swooped in while this guy is also checking out the paint. He had set down a gallon of paint that is also primer and is $45.00 for the gal but on for $9.00 and there is two of them... snag there mine. Along with a light green hahaha sucker! 

We got home and were ready to complete something... one thing!  We get the 1x6 nailed in place the bead board in place and the top on. Bam Chair Rail complete!!!!! Only one wall left which will be finished tomorrow, just waiting on some drywall to dry. 
When we tried to take down the wall paper the surface of the drywall actually came with it!! What a mess!!!
Please ignore the mess! I will post a picture soon when we get all the tools and things off the table, but LOOK it's done :)

Now I look at Sean and suggest getting a door on the spare room we have been working so hard on. I can't tell if he thinks its a good idea or not but he went and got the door for me hahaha. 
We got it all chissled out, hinges on and can ya believe it it's only got to be planed a bit! 
Sean testing out the new tool! It works great but the battery died after two small projects. Hope it lasts longer next time!
There is our little helper supervising my chissel job.

Not a problem we pop that door down give it a few runs with the planer and doors back on the hinges. Now to figure out where and how to drill the holes for the door knob. 
It went smooth believe it or not! The drill bit gave us some problems but other then that it went pretty good. 
Got the holes drilled the door knob on and now is the test...... Does it close.
YES!!!! It even latches properly! (We are both doing the happy dance at this point)
Getting ready to drill for the door handle.

It's a bit tight and is catching in some places so we run the planer over those spots and now we have a real door that actually looks nice!!! 
The original door! I had thought about trying to prime it hahaha

Door Hung, Latched, and Pretty hahaha. Just need to touch up the paint!

We still have 3 to go but it feels great just to have one done!!!
We are far from knowing what we are doing but this is one DIY project I thought for sure was going to be a huge failure! 

It's now 9:00 and we are both too tired to do anymore tonight, but the tools are charging and getting ready for tomorrow. 
I can't wait for the upstairs to be done!!! 
Yayyyy for us hahahahaha

I do have to say a big Thank you to Sean for all of his help and hard work! Also for being me personal First Aider! 

Oh DIY failure... I don't do well with sharp things so I am sitting here with two fingers bandaged up hahahaha. One the nail bent half way back (ewwwwwww) and the other I drove part of a nail into the tip of it. I'm pretty accident prone and prolly shouldn't be allowed around sharp objects! hahaha

Sean gave me Simpsons bandaid's lol

Now I am going to attach a few pics of the Spare room redo! 

Spare room ( same as pic #2 on this post)

Now with new paint, new floor, new trim and new door :) hehehe You will also see that our pets have decided to claim this room. I'm not sure what to do about the window covering yet so this is temporary. Also I am going to paint a pic to put above the bed, so still a work in progress.

I bought this at salvation army for $3.00 but it was purple and COVERED in stickers. I painted it and want to use it in the room but i'm just not sure where to put it. Any suggestions???

Keep checking back for more updates. We are on a mission this week because we have friends of ours coming from Fort Mac for thanksgiving :)

We are so lucky to have great friends to share some great times with! 


  1. Ohhhhhh I think this is gonna be my favorite looks like it has the colors scheme I like and the color of the floor with the love love...Looking good!

  2. I'm glad you like it! We bought the red for the basement!!! I'm so nervous hahaha

  3. Why do I have such a hard time to post a comment.. every time I do it wants me to open a blog account or something foolish. Anyway I love the renos and poor turd will be happy when things are back to normal

  4. Will naturally that one went though with no problems. I had another one all done up and it ended up lost.

  5. OooOoO I love the colour of the spare room! So pretty. You guys are doing a great job :)

    I think the difficulties come to everyone doing renos! You think you have everything, and then realize half way through that you don't and then it takes way more time and money than originally calculated...but it is all worth it in the end!

    About the mirror... would it be strong enough to hold up a jacket? If so, Is there a bare wall to the left of the door when you enter? It would be nice for your guests to have a place to hang a jacket or sweater and then check themselves out before leaving the room :)

    Or if not, then what about above the dresser? You could hang something light but decorative there?

  6. Thanks for the great idea Niki! I'm going to go hang it there right now :)

  7. I say put the white mirror thing on the wall. That's my suggestion.

  8. Mirror is up and yes Kristy on the wall. I will have to take a pic! I put it where you suggested Niki and it will be a great place for guests to hang there towel or jackets :) So happy things are coming together