Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Wreath

I've been wanting to do a fall wreath forever but I guess I had just never got around to it. 
Now that we finally have a place were proud to call home I've decided it was the perfect time to give it a try. 

I got the twig wreath from a craft store for $3.00 which I thought was a great buy. I also bought some of the leaves for it there. I bought them on the long garland because I got more for less. I also bought the letter M there. It was just plain wood.
I decided that maybe I need some different colors of leaves and hit up the dollar store because that's how I roll. I wish I went there first because they had a much better (well cheaper) selection of leaves and I found that the colors were much nicer. 

I started by taking some left over fabric from the Rag Quilt I made and used it to cover the letter M. 

It took a little longer to do then I thought but I think it turned out pretty good. It probably would have been easier to paint it but oh well. 

For the rest of it I just cut the leaves of the branch and stuck them in throughout the wreath and then glued them in place. 

I tried to make a pumpkin for the bottom of the wreath out of raffia which I used the same deign that I did for the Wire Pumpkin. You can't notice it much in the picture but when you are up close you can see it. 

This was very simple to make and the cost was about $15.00

Here's a look at the finished product. 



  1. ESA! This is soooooo Cute....the other thing you could have used instead of paint and fabric is Scrapbook paper!!! it's always an easy way to go and you can get so many great fabrics...I'm going to try this wreath girl!

  2. This wreath looks so cute! And I love it even more because it has my initial on it :D

    Mag x

  3. Thats a really cute wreath! Such a neat idea and really inexpensive!

    Spokefactory on Swap-bot