Monday, September 13, 2010

Working Hole

This here is my little working hole. As you can see it is also our laundry room but I find it is the perfect place for me. Since I didn't have a ton of space to work with I couldn't buy a table to do my cutting on. Instead I used the top of my washer and dryer and put a piece of plywood over them. It works great! I am not cutting to high or low so if I have a lot to do I am not hurting myself. 

You can also notice my little helper in the picture. He is always there to see what new is being made.

I plan to recover that chair someday very soon and get the floor painted. That will all come in time. 
Since I didn't want to be on the concrete floor for sometimes hours  doing my cutting I went to walmart and bought a package of those foam blocks to put down. They work great and also where it is a laundry room and things do tend to get wet from time to time I am not wasting time drying out a rug. Wipe these babies down and keep going. 

I have found that a good sewing table is a must!!! It makes things so much easier and also keeps all your important tools such as scissors, bobbins, pins etc right at your finger tips. I found this little beauty at a thrift store for $9.99! 
As you can see it is nothing fancy, but that's how I roll! :)

I hope to publish a blog after I finish any quilts, sewing, knitting, crafts etc. Hope you all enjoy! 
P.S. A big thank you to my friend Heather  aka. Traveling Thrifter for all of her help keeping me motivated. 

Also if you are looking for some great christmas gifts join ETCH designs to find something for everyone on your list. Another plus is you don't even have to leave your home! They are great prices and custom so no matter who it is your buying for they will think you've put a lot of thought into it (Ahhh hemmm GUYS) She will also ship anywhere! Check ETCH designs out on facebook!
That's all for now! 


  1. What an awesome site Aleisha. I really enjoyed this. Did you send Niki an invite? I am sure she would love it as well...Keep posting...I may try to make that easy quilt....xoxo Auntie Judy from Nova Scotia

  2. I need some simple Christmas fun crafts to do Aleisha.. I like simple wood projects also...not that I may do them right away, but I put them on my bucket I love that star & bird house Jeremy sent your Mom. Have you seen the pattern for that in your travels?

    Nana got your letter yesterday. A nice surprise for them both.. talk later xoxox

  3. I got some Christmas craft ideas that I am going to do up and get posted on here, hopefully soon! Lets hope they turn out lol
    I think I know what type of bird house you are talking about. Maybe I will try to make one from memory and post how I cut the pieces etc. I don't think they are very hard at all.