Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flooring renos

I am currently sitting here writing this and my hands are covvvered in construction adhesive hahaha. Does anyone know how freaking hard this stuff is to get off? Let me tell ya, I've washed my hands 6 times and it's still not off. 

I just took a break from doing flooring to give everyone a update because it has been a couple days since my last post. 
I do plan to get some knitting how to videos uploaded but it may not be until the end of the week now. 

On Friday I was talking with my friend Heather over at Traveling Thrifter and she was telling me about this store here in Edmonton called the Restore which all the proceeds go to the habitat for humanity which is great. Sean and I decided to check it out on Saturday (which just happened to also be 30% off that day)
You would not believe this place. It is like heaven for every do it yourselfer on a tight budget! There was so much to look at I circled the store 3 times going up and down every isle. 
We came across where they keep the laminate flooring. We found 10 boxes of 12mm beautiful laminate that looks like hard wood. We knew we wanted it but we  had no idea where we were going to put it. Sean (my fiance) came up with this crazy idea that maybe we should rip up the laminate in the dining room and hallway to put this stuff down. I looked at him in discust because we JUST got that flooring all finished with trim and all the goodies. I had to circle the store once more to think about if I was actually going to even consider this crazy idea... As we stood there looking at this amazing flooring which btw is only available through pre order (I`ll tell you how I know this in a min) I thought well it is beautiful and not to mention on $10.50 a pkg! We bought 10 boxes of it. 
We made the trip back home and unloaded the car. I decided before we get started I was just going to do a quick measurement... Only to find out that we are 18 ft short. Not square feet, just 18 feet. Agghhhh we didn`t know what we were going to do now. We jumped back in the car with a piece of the floor in hand and were going to see if maybe we missed a box. Guess what... Nope, we had bought all they had. So there we stood wondering now what do we do. We called around to 6 different places only to find out that this flooring can only be ordered in and is not carried...Great! Now what?!?! 
We managed to find a box of flooring that wasn't the same color but had all the same dimensions so we grabbed it and hoped for the best. 
I'm just going to mention that to get to this place is 45min one way... hahaha
We get home and start ripping down the waincotting and chair rail we just finished and taking down the trim that was just put up and pulling up our floor that is only 3 months old.
This is what the dining room looked like when we bought the house
This is what it looked like when it was in progress (the 1st time) 
And now.... this is the newest floor we have put down.
It is still in progress because while I was taking down the wainscoating a few pieces broke...... so now I have to replace that. 

Since we were a bit short and picked up that other box of flooring we used it in the hallway to create a bit of a design. 

I will post a picture of this once it is all done. As you can see they do look alot better but Ohhh what a way to spend a Saturday. By last night both Sean and I hit the bed at midnight and were out like lights. 

Sean left for a work trip today leaving me home and bored... So what did I do?
The second he walked out the door I decided I hated that our side entrance had carpet and a few weeks ago I had covered the old 70's flooring (see pic 1) with peel and stick tile. It didn't look bad but it didn't look good so I started ripping stuff up. I'm sure my neighbour thinks that I am a mad woman because I just opened the door and started biffing out pieces of flooring, and old dirty stinky carpet. 

Yesterday while we were buying the laminate I came across 3 boxes of Traffic Master resilient plank flooring. I recognized it from my fiances parent's house. They had nothing but praise for this stuff and I wanted it so bad. It looks better then laminate and is water proof.... We had checked it out once at Home Depot (They are the only ones carrying it right now) but they wanted $45.00 a box for it and I just couldn't spend that kind of money.... Luckily for me I got it for $10.50! Whooop whooooo. Since I have never worked with this before I thought some construction adhesive couldn't hurt to have on the bottom of the pieces because it is a heavy traffic area ( hence me being covered in it ) and come to find out this crap is sticky to begin with the construction adhesive is only going to cement it in place hahaha I pitty the next guy after me.... I just hope that dosen't back fire on me... Ohhh I'll be angry hahaha

This is now also another work in progress and the pictures will be posted as soon as its done.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Oh and before I forget to mention that flooring that is like 3 months old that we tore up is going to be used in another room in the house that we desperately need to get the carpet out of.


  1. Why didn't you just use the new floor in that room ? lol

  2. I did think about that but the flooring was way to nice to be in a bedroom! hahah

  3. You are one busy woman Aleisha... I was telling Nana she has to get on your blog to view it...It is great. I love it & it is so nice to hear what you are doing way out there. I was telling Nana about you wrapping string around your neck to hold the camera...That was Keep up the great work & great blog! xoxox

  4. Ha ha I wondered the same thing as the traveling thrifter ;) But I see what you mean. It looks nice! Can't beat 10 dollars a box!