Monday, September 27, 2010

Ripping and Tearing up the Nasty!!!

Hi Everyone
It has been another crazy busy weekend in my house. It seems like there is not enough hours in the weekend to complete that dreaded to do list. Our to do list has grown from your casual chores to getting this house looking a little more modern.
Friday was spent finishing the hallway floors and planning for our projects. 
Saturday was spent shopping ALL day for what we had planned. We spent all of Saturday night painting doors and door casings in the hallway and kitchen. They were all a ugly ugly retro brown.... they are not white! They are still in progress but they are white, and OMG what a difference it made. The hallway looks brighter and so much cleaner if that makes sense. 
Sunday was the big day we woke up fairly early and started taking down the ugly wall paper boarder in our spare room. I think the guy that owned the house before was a bit scared of color because every bedroom  has white glossy walls with boarder around the top of the wall! Then it was off to do the thing that disgusted me the most.... Rip up olllllllddddd ugly DIRTY carpet! If you seen the color of this stuff underneath I think it would make anyone feel sick about having it in your house. To top it off I'm sure it was not laid new, I'm thinking someone ripped it out of there house ( With good reason ) and buddy took it and put it down in here. My neighbour seen us coming out the door with it and all she could say was Oh my god! hahaha. 
After getting that down we preped the walls for some paint. The paint color took us about 3 days to decide on but we found one. It is called Jasperware. After getting a couple coats on the wall it felt great to see some color hahaha. It is not exactly what I imagined for color but I think I like it.... I will know for sure if I like it once we get the trim up and the room complete. 
We then took the flooring that we just ripped up from the dining room and laid it in the spare room! Amazing! No more stinky carpet :) It also either got easier to snap in place or we are getting to be pros at flooring because it went together alot easier the second time around let me tell ya. 
We bought a bed frame from Jysk on Saturday because all we ever had was the matress and well that would look pretty bad on the floor, so we picked up the frame for $120.00 which isn't a bad price at all seeming I couldn't find one on kijiji for anywheres close to that. 
I took a old end table and spray painted it to match the finish on the bed. Another thing I am not sure if I like yet but we will see. I may make something to drape over the top anyways. 
Well I am going to post some pics below of before, and during the transformation... I will be posting the afters when I get everything I need to complete it. 
Let me know what you think of it so far. Good and bad comments are welcome. This was my first time going with such....color hahaha

 Mmmmm yuckieness!!!
This is the flooring that was underneath the carpet! It is literally EVERYWHERE!!!

 This picture was also in progress but you can see the wall color.

Keep an eye out for my update when it is all done. 

I will have some craft blogs soon, I just have to get my house in order first hahaha. 

Have a great day!


  1. Hey you are getting very good at this.. Maybe you should look into interior design.. I wonder where you got that?

    Love mom

  2. Hey Aleisha - the house sure is looking great! Funny how the same flooring is under all of the carpets. I look forward to seeing it all in person and by the way I like the look of the wall colour!

  3. Nice color for the walls! Looking forward to seeing the "after" photos!

    darzy30 - swapbot

  4. Borders are one of those decorative things that I will never understand. I feel like they almost always look so corny! House is looking great though and I love the wall color!

    (sjane on swapbot)